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Home Kitchen Light Bulb Surveillance Camera Motion Detection + Night Vision DVR

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Brand LTDVRIR-e4f50549p
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Catch Them In The Act: With the iBulb subtle integration into the interior decoration your home, subjects will never have a clue that they are on camera. It will be just another light bulb, attracting absolutely no attention. That way, you can catch every unsuspecting individual in the act, and even compile evidence for weeks or months on end without alerting anyone.Record for Months: The iBulb is designed for long-term surveillance of sensitive locations, like high-traffic cash registers, cash rooms, entrances and exits, nurseries, any room with a safe, stair case, loading bays, or offices where building security systems either do not reach or are not enough. In motion detection mode, you can potentially record these locations for months before filling a MicroSD memory card. In high-traffic areas that require constant monitoring, it will record continuously for over a week before looping (overwriting eldest video data).High Capacity Memory: It records high quality 3GP video onto MicroSD memory cards with up to 32 GB capacity. You have yo...