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VisionTek 256GB Go Drive Low-Profile 7mm Solid State Drive

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Brand VisionTek
Model Number 900802
UPC 784090033703

Product Description

The VisionTek 256GB Go Drive Low-Profile 7mm SSD is designed for Windows-, Mac OS X- and Linux-based computers. When your definition of high performance means both speed and reliability, the Go Drive SSD series is the answer. Engineered for long-term real-world use, the Go Drive offers speeds up to 560MBps read and 325MBps write, up to 100x greater data reliability than a costly Enterprise-class HDD and access times up to 50x faster than a conventional HDD. It's SATA 6G ready, but backward compatible with SATA 3G and 1.5G machines too, making a 256GB Go Drive SSD the upgrade solution for everything from a desktop workhorse to the latest ultra-thin laptop.